Spoilers From Emmy’s

Korbi from Zap2It speaks with some of the cast at last night Emmy Awards which contains a few little teasers that we’ve not heard yet.

Speaking of tight sets on lock down — like that transition? — Jorge Garcia broke the radio silence and gave me some Lost scoop: “I’ve read up to script four at this point. But script one blew my mind. It’s really, really crazy. It starts right where we left off. Hurley is right where Sayid picked him up in the mental institution. We see what happens to the island in that first episode and it’s pretty insane. I was just like, wait a minute, what was that again? I’m still just trying to wrap my head around it.” Jorge said getting the Oceanic 6 back to the island is a major theme this year, but he’s more curious about how the whole power struggle between Widmore and Ben Linus is going to pan out: “There was some really cool stuff that came out in this last episode [four]. Actually, there’s a great reveal in the third one too. Two was pretty fun, but there’s something in the fourth that’s really cool. Also, I get to wear something in episode four that I’m very excited about.”

As for changes to the show in season five, Jorge said it’s tricky to categorize the episodes as ‘anybody centric’: “It’s not as clear cut as it’s been in the past. We don’t have the moments where someone stares off into space and then we cut to something that happened in their previous life. They’ve gone in a slightly different direction as far as how they’re telling the story and they’re definitely trying to show what’s going on with more people in every given episode.”

Evangeline Lilly, who was running around the carpet looking for her girlfriends, Elizabeth Mitchell and Yunjin Kim, agreed: “It’s a whole new format. And all the original characters are revolutionized, so what you’re used to watching in Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, and even Sun who’s been steady since season one, is [out the window]. We’re all merk new people. It’s very exciting to sort of act a new character and not the same thing over and over again.”

Unfortunately for Michael Emerson — who walked the carpet with wife Carrie Preston, whom you may recognize from True Blood — he hasn’t been doing much acting at all as of late: “I honestly haven’t worked that much so far [in the first four episodes]. You won’t see a lot of me early on [in the season]. I think they’re saving up something terrible for me to do here pretty soon.” On the subject of what we can expect, Michael said that while getting back to the island seems to be one of the plot lines, they’re still not sure why they have to do that. But they are determined nonetheless. He also said he is surprised by the amazing amount of mobility in season five: “We’re all over the place. It’s a real ride now. You know, every season, Lost ramps it up a notch, they always add some new device, some new convention. And I think, as time goes by, the show gets a little more fragmented, a little more of a puzzle.” Oh, perfect…

Source: Zap2IT