Michael Emerson On Lost

The finale of season four ripped several couples apart. Is the Island the love of Ben’s life that he’s been kept apart from? Is he sentimental like that?
He sure doesn’t seem to be a very sentimental character, but you’re right—Ben is separated from everything he loves. He’s lost what was even passing for family, so now he really is, sort of, cut loose. He is adrift.

Is he a man with nothing left to lose?
He has less to lose, but I think…He can afford to be a little more mobile, and possibly more ruthless now, but there is a lot to lose. The fight he’s fighting, the enemy that he is withstanding is a formidable one, and so much hangs in the balance.

You say withstanding, which calls to mind a siege. Would you say the Island or its protectors are under siege?
On some days, there is that quality about it. [Laughs.]

One of the biggest debates that came out of the finale was: “What did Ben mean when he said everyone has to go back?” Do you have any sense of what the rules are for the assertion that everyone has to go back?
My sense is that those who escaped must go back.

Source: E!Online