Lost Filming Updates And Photos

Thanks to DarkUFO reader AlaskaDave, one of the Mods over at here. He also has sent some other set/location photos from his personal visit that you can see below. Also thanks to i_sell_seals at Lostpedia

Just letting you know as of 12noon on Monday, they’ve finished filming at Simon’s Butcher Shop. I have pics of the LOST crew guys tearing it all down, including the signage. Last Friday, the set was all done up with meat and sausages hanging in the windows, and now its all gone! Talk about quick filming 🙂

The night ones are pre-filming (you can see the cash register, basket, and some fake meat hanging in the windows) and the day ones are post filming. I couldn’t tell you if it was Bender or Williams, but something reeked of Bender on set 🙂

I also added a REALLY cool shot of the LOST crew guy taking down Simon’s Butcher Shop.. you can even see the crew shirt he’s wearing.

I just got word that they’re filming in Ka’a’awa valley tomorrow. I caught site of an amazingly large outrigger canoe presumably for the Desmond/Philippines scenes

Source: AlaskaDave@Lostpedia